Calligraphy by You Stencils

Islamic Calligraphy Stencils

  • Re-useable, high quality MDF in A4 Size, making it portable and ideal for young children to handle, use and reuse!

  • Promote interest in rich Islamic Calligraphy from a young age. Islamic Calligraphy can be difficult to write but let it be made easy by the use of these stencils

  • Set of 5 stencils, Allah, Muhammad, SubhanAllah, Masha'Allah, Alhamdulillah in a beautiful calligraphy script

  • Can spray-paint or trace using a pencil, paint or crayons. Suitable to also be used as wall-art as well so excellent for painting and decorating

  • Fun activity for the kids to do whilst appreciating the religion of Islam. Let them spray-paint or draw and then use as wall art in their bedrooms

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