Islamic Reward Stickers x96

Islamic Reward Stickers, pack of 96

  • Use these Reward Stickers to encourage and motivate your children in doing good deeds.

  • Amazing, colourful designs are appealing to children of all ages!

  • We recommend setting children daily/weekly targets and use these to reward them in a simple way!

  • You can also use these along with our My Salah Chart

What's inside?

96 stickers in 4.5cm size including:

  • 24 x Jazak'Allah Khayr (May Allah reward you)
  • 24 x Masha'Allah (Allah has willed it [commonly used when something good happens, or when you see something good])
  • 24 x Alhamdulillah (All praise due to Allah)
  • 24 x Barak'Allahu Feek (May Allah bless you)