Ayat al-Kursiyy Night Light (free dua book)


Our Ayatul Kursi Night Light is designed with the intention of teaching your child dua’ of protection against jinn, black magic and the evil eye.

We encourage the dua’ to be recited as per the du^ā’ booklet i.e. if once a day then once a day, if more than once a day then more.

We also recommend incorporating reciting ayatul kursi with your children as a part of the bedtime routine.

  • 7 coloured LEDs on non-speaker and 5 coloured LED's on speaker model

  • Free Pocket-Sized Dua' book - The dua book includes an English translation of each dua. The benefits of reciting each dua' is also listed. More than just a Muslim kids night light!

  • MicroSD card (speaker model only. Preloaded with recitation in the format of the dua' book. See our Videos section for the recitation)

  • Rechargeable battery (speaker model)

  • Operates via USB or 3 AA batteries (non-speaker model)

  • Bluetooth connectivity (speaker model only)

  • Remote included (non-speaker model only)

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